Jennifer McShane Bary Honored as Woman CEO of the Year at the Prestigious UAE’s Next Mastermind Awards 2024

JMB Project Management is thrilled to announce that its esteemed founder and CEO, Jennifer McShane Bary, has been awarded the prestigious Woman CEO of the Year title at the UAE’s Next Mastermind Awards 2024. The gala event, held at the Al Habtoor Palace in Dubai, recognized Jennifer’s exceptional leadership, innovation, and significant contributions to the project management industry.

Jennifer’s visionary approach and dedication to excellence have been pivotal in positioning JMB Project Management as a leader in the fields of smart mobility, healthcare, government, retail, and entertainment. Under her dynamic leadership, JMB has successfully delivered numerous high-impact projects, driving transformative change and setting new standards for the industry.

“I am deeply honored to receive the Woman CEO of the Year award at the Mastermind Awards 2024,” said Jennifer McShane Bary. “This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire JMB team. Together, we have achieved remarkable success by embracing innovation, prioritizing client-centric solutions, and committing to sustainable practices.” I had great support from Dr. Mansoor Al Obeidli and Dr Navana Kundu the founder and co-founder of the awards.

The Mastermind Awards, known for celebrating excellence in business leadership, highlighted Jennifer’s unique ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver outstanding results. Her strategic vision and hands-on approach have not only propelled JMB to new heights but have also inspired other businesses to adopt innovative and sustainable practices.

Throughout her career, Jennifer has championed diversity and inclusivity within the workplace, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. Her commitment to mentoring and empowering her team has been a driving force behind JMB’s success, ensuring that the company consistently exceeds client expectations.

As JMB Project Management continues to expand its global footprint, Jennifer remains focused on driving innovation and delivering unparalleled project management solutions. Her leadership and foresight are key to the company’s mission of transforming business visions into reality while maintaining the highest standards of excellence and sustainability.

The award ceremony at the Al Habtoor Palace was a night to remember, celebrating the achievements of outstanding leaders across various industries. Jennifer McShane Bary’s recognition as Woman CEO of the Year underscores her remarkable contributions to the business world and her unwavering commitment to excellence.

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