Jennifer McShane Bary Appointed CEO of JMB Project Management

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – JMB Project Management is thrilled to announce the appointment of Jennifer McShane Bary as its new CEO. With over 20 years of experience in project management and a proven track record of success, Ms McShane-Bary brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to her new role. JMB Project Management is also looking to appoint a deputy CEO to Ms McShane-Bary in the near future.

Prior to joining JMB Project Management, Ms McShane-Bary held several executive positions at leading organizations in the industry. Her strategic vision, exceptional problem-solving skills, and ability to drive results have consistently set her apart in the field. Jennifer McShane-Bary is widely respected for her ability to lead diverse teams and deliver projects on time and within budget.

In her new role as CEO, Ms McShane-Bary will be responsible for overseeing the overall operations and growth of JMB Project Management. She will work closely with the executive team to develop and execute the company’s strategic initiatives, focusing on expanding its client base and strengthening its position as a leader in the industry.

Under Ms McShane-Bary’s leadership, JMB Project Management aims to continue delivering exceptional project management services, with a focus on the increasing trend of digital transformation in the industry, to its clients while driving innovation and growth. With her extensive experience in the field, Bary is well-equipped to lead the company through its next phase of expansion and success.

Commenting on her appointment, Ms McShane-Bary expressed her enthusiasm for the role and her commitment to driving JMB Project Management’s continued success. She stated, “I am honored and excited to join JMB Project Management as CEO. This is an incredible opportunity to lead a talented team and build upon the company’s strong foundation. I look forward to working closely with our clients and partners to deliver solve problems for my clients and drive growth.”

The appointment of Jennifer McShane Bary as CEO of JMB Project Management marks an important milestone in the company’s journey. With her strategic mindset, extensive experience, and passion for excellence, Ms McShane-Bary is well-positioned to lead the company to new heights.

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