Health & Life Sciences

JMB Project Management customizes its extensive suite of services for the health and life sciences sector, emphasizing patient outcomes, regulatory compliance, and innovation.

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PMO Setup - PMO in a Box

JMB’s core offering which implements project management offices to ensure high-level oversight and governance across health and life sciences projects.


SMEs from JMB offer specialized advice to align projects with healthcare objectives and regulatory standards, aiming to improve patient care and outcomes.

Customized Training

The team will provide targeted training for project teams, focusing on the unique challenges and compliance requirements of the health and life sciences sector.

Project Lifecycle Management

The team from JMB will oversee projects from concept to completion, ensuring they meet strict healthcare industry timelines, budgets, and regulatory guidelines.

Quality Assurance

Applies rigorous quality controls to uphold the standards expected in healthcare projects, guaranteeing safety and efficacy. A core service from JMB.

Stakeholder Communication

JMB will facilitate effective communication with all stakeholders, vital for collaboration and transparency in healthcare initiatives.

Digital Transformation Consulting

We will support the adoption of digital technologies to enhance healthcare delivery, patient engagement, and operational efficiency.

Agile Transformation Services

JMB assists healthcare organizations adopt agile methodologies, fostering flexibility and rapid response to medical advancements and patient needs.

Project Recovery Services

JMB salvages and realigns projects that have veered off course, ensuring resources are efficiently utilized and objectives are met without compromise to patient care.

Technology Implementation and Integration

JMB will guide the smooth integration of new technologies into existing healthcare processes, maximizing benefits and innovation.

Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR):

Redesign processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the quality of patient care, meeting the dynamic needs of the healthcare sector.

Portfolio Management Services

JMB Aligns projects with healthcare strategies and objectives, optimizing impact and resource use.

Vendor Management Solutions

Manage relationships with external vendors, ensuring alignment with healthcare project goals and maximizing value.

Risk and Compliance Management Services

JMB focuses on managing risks and ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations, crucial for patient safety and legal integrity.

Change Management

Manage organizational changes smoothly, embedding lasting improvements in healthcare operations and culture.

Risk Management and Mitigation

Identify and address risks in healthcare projects, safeguarding patient care and project success.

Project Governance Services

Establish decision-making frameworks and oversight, ensuring healthcare projects align with patient care goals and adhere to regulatory standards.

Project Scoping and RFI/RFP Development

JMB conducts thorough scoping of healthcare projects, aligning them with strategic goals and minimizing risks, laying the foundation for successful healthcare outcomes and advancements.

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