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PMO Setup - PMO in a Box

JMB establishes project management offices tailored for entertainment projects, ensuring top-notch oversight essential in the dynamic entertainment sector.


Our team can offer advice specifically designed to align entertainment projects with strategic objectives, fueling growth and innovation in the industry.

Quality Assurance

JMB can implement strict quality controls to maintain the high standards expected in entertainment projects, enhancing viewer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Stakeholder Communication

Ensure effective communication with all stakeholders with JMB at your side. Great communications are crucial for coordinating creative efforts and meeting audience expectations.

Digital Transformation Consulting

We can assist with technology solutions to integrate digital technologies into entertainment ventures, critical for staying ahead in the evolving media landscape.

Project Recovery Services

The JMB team can Rescue and realign projects that have gone off-track, saving time and resources while minimizing disruptions to production schedules.

Vendor Management Solutions

JMB’s Vendor Management team manages relationships with external vendors, ensuring their alignment with project goals and maximizing value and performance.

Change Management

The JMB PMO team will smoothly manage strategic changes, embedding lasting improvements in entertainment operations and creative culture with this service.

Project Scoping and RFI/RFP Development

JMB will partner with you to perform detailed project scoping, aligning entertainment projects with strategic goals and minimizing risks, laying the groundwork for successful launches and market resonance. 

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