Retail & Consumer

JMB Project Management provides a comprehensive suite of services specifically designed for the retail and consumer industries, designed to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and foster sustainable growth. 

PMO Setup - PMO in a Box

JMB’s core offering which establishes project management offices for superior project oversight, crucial in the fast-paced retail environment.


JMB will provide tailored advice, aligning retail projects with overarching business objectives to drive growth and innovation.

Customized Training

JMB trainers will enhance retail teams’ skills with specialized project management training, focusing on industry-specific challenges and opportunities.

Project Lifecycle Management

JMB will manage retail projects from initiation to closure, ensuring they stay on track, within budget, and meet deadlines.

Quality Assurance

JMB’s QA subject matter experts implement rigorous quality checks to ensure retail projects meet the highest standards, enhancing customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Stakeholder Communication

JMB guarantees clear and effective communication with all stakeholders, vital for coordinating efforts and meeting consumer expectations. We love to create relationships!

Digital Transformation Consulting

Our team can assist with the integration of digital technologies, a critical move for retailers aiming to thrive in the digital age.

Agile Transformation Services

Helps retail organizations adopt agile methodologies, improving flexibility, responsiveness, and competitiveness. JMB lives agile.

Project Recovery Services

Our team will rescue and realign off-track retail projects, saving time and resources while minimizing disruptions. Problem solved!

Technology Implementation and Integration

Our technical team ensures the smooth integration of new technologies into existing retail processes, enhancing operational efficiency and customer experiences.

Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR):

Radically redesigns retail processes to improve cost, quality, and efficiency, addressing the dynamic needs of the retail market. Change is good…

Portfolio Management Services

The JMB team will align retail projects with organizational strategy, optimizing resources and ensuring strategic coherence.

Vendor Management Solutions

Our specialist Vendor Management team will manage external vendor relationships, aligning them with business objectives to ensure value and performance.

Risk and Compliance Management Services

Focuses on risk management and compliance, essential for maintaining integrity and customer trust in retail. Call in the JMB risk team.

Change Management

JMB will manage strategic changes smoothly, embedding lasting improvements in retail operations and culture.

Project Governance Services

The team at JMB will establish decision-making frameworks and oversight for retail projects, maintaining alignment with business goals. Governance solved.

Project Scoping and RFI/RFP Development

JMB will conduct your detailed project scoping, aligning retail projects with strategic goals and minimizing risks, setting a solid foundation for successful implementation and market response.
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